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Find Commercial Building Jobs by Location- Search Commercial commercial building jobs for office building construction, hotel and motel construction, restaurant construction, retail store construction, shopping center construction, public commercial warehouse construction, service/gas station construction, casino construction.  These jobs may include Commercial Construction Project Manager, Green commercial building jobs, Estimator, Plumber, Electrician, Highway Engineer, Water Engineer, Structural Engineer, Vice President, Solar, Wind, Biomass, Hydropower, Geothermal, Renewable Energy  jobs nationwide.

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What is a Green Job?
A green job is an employment position that focuses on environmentally responsible products and/or services.  The job can be in a green company or in a company that focuses on reducing the consumption of natural resources, preventing pollution and promoting environmental responsibility. Any occupation and industry can offer green career opportunities to qualified job seekers. 

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Commercial Building Construction includes:

The primary activities of companies in this industry are:

  -General office building construction
  -Financial office building construction
  -Hotel/motel construction
  -Restaurant/cafe/bar construction
  -Retail store construction
  -Shopping center or shopping mall construction
  -Public commercial warehouse construction
  -Service/gas station construction
  -Auto service and sales store construction
  -Casino construction

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